Our Rates

Express / Basic Proofreading Service

If your work is already fairly polished and only requires a final check for any minor lapses or typos, we can offer you lower rates and a quick turnaround time. This service is for well-written and / or well-edited manuscripts / theses / articles etc. that are in the final draft stage and are otherwise ready to send or publish.

  • from R140 / 1000 words (14c / word)

In-depth Proofreading / Light Editing Service

Our in-depth proofreading / light editing service is for well-written work that nevertheless still requires a thorough proofread and final check, and includes minor editing and proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, clumsy grammar and overall flow and readability.

  • from R180 / 1000 words (18c / word)

Full Editing Service

This entails everything mentioned in our in-depth proofreading service, as well as a thorough review of the entire document / manuscript etc. Included in this service is any rewriting where necessary, checking for possible plot or character flaws, and generally ensuring that the work in question is good to go aside from a final proofread. During this process, we will also leave any relevant comments and / or queries related to your work in the margin for you to review once we have completed the editing process.

  • from R250 / 1000 words (25c / word)

Important: These prices are a general guideline only, and in order for us to forward you with a final and binding quote, we request that you please e-mail us a random sample of your work (3-5 pages for any book / academic project) in order for us to accurately ascertain the amount of editing / proofreading that is required.

Please also note that we require a deposit of fifty percent before we will begin working on projects of more than 10 pages, with the balance due upon completion. We also offer a five percent discount if you pay your entire invoice at the time you engage our services; and, in addition, we are negotiable when it comes to any repeat and ongoing work.